Growing commercial development in Melbourne

We specialize in a range of high quality commercial and residential real estate developments in and round Melbourne, Australia. Our land and property development projects range from small scale to large multi-million dollar developments. Vault Corporate has been made up of four separate companies, all of whom have been in the building, finance and real-estate industry ranging from 8 to 30+ years both in Australia, China and the UK.

Growing commercial development in Melbourne
Who are we

Vault Corporate is a growing building and land developer producing high quality financially sustained commercial and residential projects in Melbourne. We are a team of experienced builders, project managers, financial planners and lawyers.

Financial strength

Vault Corporate has the financial strength and development capabilities to undertake wide variety of commercial and urban land developments. From small to multi million dollar projects.

Leading the industry

Vault Corporate was built with a strong sense of ethical responsibility to our partners and clients, we constantly strive to deliver the best in the business. Our goal is to be a leading developer of real estate in Melbourne.

Vault Corporate

Vault Corporate is a reputable property development corporation that facilitates third party enterprises and investors in residential and commercial development projects in and around Melbourne, Australia.

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