About Us

Vault Corporate is a development and investor corporation in Melbourne. With several planned projects in and close to Melbourne CBD and urban development in surrounding Melbourne Vault Corporate always deliver above and beyond our clients and investors’ expectations.

We have the financial strength and development capabilities to undertake a wide variety of real estate and land developments. From small to multi million dollar projects we have the capacity. Our project range from multimillion dollar projects.

Vault corporate is a company that is set apart from other development companies, we are a qualified team with over 75 years of experienced within the fields we cover. We are able to service our clients with everything they need from day one not just the investment and development of the project but we are also a team of immigration lawyers, financial advisors, project managers, engineers, designers, award winning builders, sales agents and personal relationship managers.

Working closely together we bring all these expertise under the one company. This ensures all our clients  that the investment you make is secure and easy to manage. We are there from start to finish for all projects and our dedicated team work closely with all clients to maintain the investment for years to come.

We deliver on what is set out to achieve for our clients…

Vault Corporate is positioned at the correct time at the correct location with financially sustained projects in Melbourne all investor looking to invest in Australian property development we are a must to talk to.


Our Team

Justin Barnett, Director/Co-founder of Vault Corporate

Started his career as a builder and progressed to building high-end luxury homes, urban developments, apartments and hotels. These projects ranged from $1M -$100M.  Justin has worked with some of the top architects and building companies in Australia over the past 10 years.  He served as a director of Blink Constructions for 7 years.   He has also served as a Senior Project Manager for a number of Australian Companies.



Ray Price, Director/Co-founder of Vault Corporate

Corporate Project Manager at P.E.C London Urban Developments for over 10 years. Senior Project Manager for Conlon Construction LTD for their Redevelopment in Docklands Melbourne, Australia.



Alex Niu, Director of Vault Corporate Based in Shanghai

Graduated in China. Anshan University with Bachelors of Science, also has an EMBA from Dalian University, also has S.P.M from East China Normal University.  Alex has over twenty years’ experience in the construction of oil and energy projects in China, USA and Australia.  Working with both Government and Civil Construction entities. He has served as a Vice Director at An Gang Iron and Steel Group. China and also as General Manager at Shanghai Hujun Engineering Company. China



Faye Mckenzie


Client Investment Portfolios



Pat Baker,  Director of Investment Finance M.A.Man.F.P.FMBM

She holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Strategy from Norwich University, in addition to Diplomas in Financial Planning, Business Management and Mortgage Finance. She has been involved in the acquisitions of major companies, such as Crown House Investments purchase of Edinborough Crystal, and in the oil industry working closing with Shell for their North Sea oil exploration in the UK.  In Australia, she was a director of a Financial Planning Company and now runs a successful Finance Brokerage.


Myra Liu,  Investment Consultant / Overseas Marketing Manager

Chris Zheng, Director of Sales

He holds a Masters Degree from Melbourne University in Finance Accounting. Chris opened his first real-estate business in late 2009.  Has successfully closed out properties ranging from $700K-$120M


Juan (Andrew) Yang

Juan (Andrew) Yang(杨钜安)

Investment Director

He holds a Masters Degree from University of London in Financial andIndustrial Economics. Mr. Yang has worked for overseas real-estate and financial investmentbusiness,and immigration services for over 15 years.




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