Company Overview

Our corporate structure is set up as the following – Preston and Frank Pty Ltd ATF R & B Unit Trust: Trading as Vault Corporate (ACN: 155 635 546).  Vault Corporate has been made up of four separate companies, all of whom have been in the building, finance and real-estate industry ranging from 8 – 30+  years both in Australia, China and the UK.

Vault Corporate Projects – delivered over the past 12 months

  • 110 Apartments Elizabeth street Mel C.B.D $66m complete
  • 48 Apartments Carlton value $30m complete
  • 400 Urban Developments House and land, Manks road Clyde $32m Current.


Investment visas for Australia

Vault corporate is at the forefront of obtaining the following should our client wish to on their Australian investments,

  • Business and Investors
  • Significant Investment Visa Applicants (AUD $5,000,000)
  • Premium Investor Visa Applicants (AUD $15,000,000)
  • Applicants seeking to Work or Study in Australia
  • Applicants seeking Family Migration


Planning and Pre- Construction

All pre construction of our projects are constructed by Vault Corporate in conjunction

With selected third party companies that are contracted to Vault Corporate for the next 10 years.


Land and Projects

Vault Corporate engage with land owners to bring developments to its own network of investors giving them first choice to participate in the acquisition at the best price before being offered on the Australian and International markets


Pre-sale of all Developments

Vault Corporate maintains control of all pre-sales of its own/JV developments and sets the base price per lot/dwelling, then engages with Agents, in both Australia and Internationally allowing our client’s development to obtain the quickest pre- sale of their development. We have leading builders buying and selling in our developments as per normal procedures.


Long term commitment

Vault Corporate has its own Body Corporate division offering its continuation of service should the end developer require further services.


Payments of all property investments

For our Chinese Based Clients there is no need to send Money out of china all investments of property can be purchased in China so there is no need to worry about government Regulations on Money transfers to an overseas country.


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